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Program Description

Program Description

Only 7% of the population retire on a liveable income and only 1% of the population become wealthy by the time they retire.

Wealth doesn’t always mean money. It can be defined by other life qualities such as peace of mind, happiness and contentment. This program will clearly teach you ways to obtain wealth as well as these other essential qualities – NOW.

American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist Warren Buffet, who is one of the world’s richest people, says money “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”

Most people are consciously and unconsciously asleep and blind to the Laws of Money and Wealth creation because it was never taught or discussed in their homes or their schools.

A study found that 47% of people say they would have to borrow $400 if it was needed in an emergency.

What this suggests is that almost 50% of people live paycheck to paycheck with daily financial worries and insecurity.

It means they don’t have the internal and external strategies to create financial security.

That is what this program is all about; making sure you are NOT one of those people.

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You will learn

You will learn

  • How to have a healthy relationship with money
  • The Science of having and keeping money
  • Why too many people struggle to make and keep money
  • Your inner world and how to attract money
  • Your money habits and what you should be doing
  • How to reshape and optimise your financial identity
  • How to install correct daily money habits
  • How and where to invest first
  • How to reshape your beliefs around money
  • How to ensure you make the right (and best) decisions around money
  • How to create your Abundant Financial Future Action Plan

After completing this program, you will
  • Wake up your brain and your thinking to the real laws of money and prosperity
  • Go from financial insecurity and worry to financial confidence and security
  • Stop your money worries forever
  • Get the skills and strategies that self made millionaires and billionaires have used to create wealth, abundance and prosperity for themselves and their families
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Who is this program for?
  • Those who are wanting more financial security and freedom
  • Those currently working on getting out of debt and into financial prosperity
  • Those considering and dreaming of a financially healthy future
  • Anyone who has to deal with bills, invoices and making ends meet every day
  • Those willing to take a serious look in the mirror at their money thinking and money habits
  • Those willing to make a massive financial transformation
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Program Module Topics

Welcome and program overview
Insights into the inner world of money making and financial freedom
Mindsets, rules and patterns of the money makers
Beliefs, Fears and Negative Patterns around money and wealth creation - facing your money demons
Imagination and Income - the relationship between the two
The hero’s journey and your wealth journey
Money and Prosperity - Do You Deserve It?
Money and Prosperity - The Six Steps to Wealth and Prosperity
Money and Prosperity - The Keys to Wealth Creation
Money and happiness - imagining your happiness
Your money motivation — who are you doing this for?
Your Past patterns and programming around money and wealth creation
The Time Zone you live in and money (I want vs I am)
Your Wealth Identify
Your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Wealth habits
Your Financial Dashboard - the numbers in your face
Your Morning Money Habits
Your Evening Money Habits
Before you spend habits
Your Money Role Models
Your first 3 years and Money (Parents and Primary ecosystem that shaped you)
Money and Mediocrity - Money and the Best
Self Audit - how much have you invested in yourself?
Self Image - Self Talk - Self Esteem around Money and Wealth
Immersing Yourself in Wealth environments - car, hotel, restaurant, boutique, holiday etc
Systems and techniques for wealth creation and financial freedom
Setting up your Money Making Ecosystem
The Law of Successful Living and your money
The Law of 1% and Your Money
The Law of Influence and Your Money
Your Financial SMEAC
Visioning Your Future Wealth
Your Financial Habits Audit
This program includes

This program includes

  • Comprehensive instructional video modules
  • Worksheet downloads
  • Deliberate practice implementation drills
  • Free Membership to the EEI Resources for 12 months
  • Audio Streaming: Setting up your Mind to Learn, Absorb and Profit
  • Learning to Profit Flashcards
  • Bring a Friend Bonus Gift
  • Bonus Hi-Tech Hi-Touch online 30 minute discovery session with a qualified EEI Coach
  • Introductory Certificate upon Completion

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