Join The Power of Community - Memberships

Join The Power of Community - Memberships


The EEI Power of Community is a membership organisation that brings together people, companies and organisations to realise the positive outcomes that self determined (human beings) entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, working with the latest, best of the best personal and business development tools and technology can achieve.

Change is on the horizon.

With over 7.6 billion people across the globe, navigating life can seem chaotic and challenging, but it doesn’t need to be.

When you become a member, you’ll gain exclusive access to game-changing resources that’ll help guide you away from problems, and toward solutions - whether it’s smarter business solutions, your career advancement certification or personal growth and development.

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  • Receive weekly personal, career, business empowerment newsletter containing great resources and smarter business growth solutions


Growing Life, Career, Business

$95 per monthor $519 for 6 months
You can cancel at anytime
  • Weekly Newsletter and resources
  • Includes a comprehensive life, career, business diagnostic questionnaire that highlights the key drivers, focus points and Strategic Life, Career and Business Action Plan to maximise your results while taking the stress and strain out of the process
  • Join the EEI Weekly Community members Q and A Implementation online session. This is a live weekly session where you get to have your implementation questions answered plus hear the ideas, progress and success stories of other members so you can learn and benefit from their experience. Invaluable live – real time – hi tech – hi touch empowerment coaching EVERY WEEK.
  • Join the Everyday Empowerment Institute community members group – share ideas, problems and solutions to fast track your life, career and business growth
  • Automatic updates on podcasts and resources that we post
  • Certificates and badges - gamification to reward progress and involvement
  • Monthly fee – $95 per month or pay up front $519 - direct debit each month - cancel at any time

We collaborate across business, government and stakeholders to fulfil the potential of humans in business to deliver a stronger society and more sustainable future. By providing expertise, education, implementation coaching and insight, we support our members, partners and stakeholders as they prepare their lives, businesses, communities and their countries for what comes next in a constantly changing world.


The Digital world is changing every day. If you aren’t using the latest technology to generate customers and generate income, you will be left behind. Join the best in Digital Marketing and Web3 to take you and your business into the future.


There are many parts to growing your business. New strategies, new systems, new thinking, new products. So many possibilities – so little time. Get clarity and support for how to systematically grow your business while taking the stress and strain out of the process.


Your business has the capacity to not only change the lives of you and your loved ones, but the lives of your customers, your team, your community and the global community. Let us help you maximise the number of lives you change with your career and business.


If you are to grow your business, your personal prosperity and your lifestyle freedom, knowing where and how to develop new markets is critical. Let the EEI Power of Community help you expand into as many markets as you think are possible. You will only be limited by your imagination and your own limitations.


Your ability to innovate will be one of the factors limiting your growth. When you accelerate innovation, you accelerate your success. Let the EEI Accelerating Innovation Systems help you and your teams optimise your potential – while taking the stress and strain out of the innovation process.


You want your development to be sustainable. You also want global development to be sustainable. This is why EEI is so proud and passionate to support the United Nations 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development and apply those principles to your business, your community and your country.

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aligns perfectly with the mission and values of EEI as “a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity”.

Come join us, let our EEI platform enable you with your ‘plan of action for you and your people, your planet and your prosperity’ by adopting and applying the EEI tools and technology for sustainable development to your world today.


Business, career and life in general can be a lonely and confusing place. There are challenges, problems, opportunities and decisions to be made every day. Share those challenges and opportunities with a qualified, certified, experienced EEI Coach and Mentor. The one commodity you cannot replace is your precious time. Save yourself years of learning and mistakes – fast track your progress, development and prosperity. Get an EEI Coach and Mentor today.


In accordance with the UN Global Goals – EEI are passionate about excellent health and well being. You cannot have real success without health and well being. Excellent health and wellbeing underpin your business, career and life success. Being the richest person in the cemetery is not the goal. An empowered, exuberant, wonderful life with a great lifestyle and financial freedom is our goal for you. Excellent physical, mental, emotional and financial health is also our goal for you. Come join us on this journey.


EEI is passionate about providing world class, quality education to empower people everywhere on the planet with everyday tools and technology to realise their full business, career and life potential.

This is at the heart of our mission at EEI.

Come join us on this important and exciting mission.


COVID has forced us all to change the way we live our lives. Our desires to live, learn, prosper, collaborate, network and socialise have not changed. We just need to do so in a COVID safe manner. That is why EEI has developed our online learning platform and online empowerment community for you to learn, network, do business, collaborate and co-operate, prosper and grow – in a COVID safe environment.

Make your decision to stay safe – grow and prosper and accelerate your progress towards your business, career and life optimisation and enrichment, today.

Which Option is Best for You?