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Nothing will ever change unless you take action.
The time to set your course for the life you’ve always wanted is now.

This is your opportunity to design your destiny.

With an EEI Certified Coach by your side, you’ll experience one-on-one or personalised group coaching that will help you get the most out of your life, career and business.
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Freedom Coaching

“It’s one thing being scared of dying, it’s a whole different matter being scared of living.” – Finding Your Feet (2017)

Have you ever wondered, what is the difference between being ‘alive’, ‘really alive’ and ‘just existing’?

Have you always wondered how to make everlasting, concrete changes in your life?

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Freedom Coaching = Everyday Empowerment = Everyday Enlightenment

When you hire an EEI Certified Coach, you’ll be coached to live, enjoy and experience the philosophies you’re taught, and make your mark on the universe in incredible ways.

Freedom Coaching helps you ‘unlearn’ limiting belief systems and remove thoughts that are holding you back, and begin exploring what your life purpose is, to bring out the best in yourself to achieve exactly what you want to do – creating the life that turns you on, lights you up and live the life you actually want to live.

That means walking on the bridge towards dreams and freedom, and away from fears, concerns or ‘non-existence’; the fear .

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What is this non-existence we speak of?

There’s an inherent fear in all of us to break free from our comfort zones.

What we know, and what we are comfortable with in life, deflects us back to our ‘comfort zone;’ where we repeat practices familiar to us. When challenged to do something outside your comfort zone (something you ‘don’t know’ about), you could transform your future to become something better.

Set your course for the life you’ve always wanted by getting the most out of your Freedom Coaching experience.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience not to be missed, this is the most in-depth, powerful program you’ll ever come across.

Not only will you learn (and implement) philosophy-driven practical techniques to help your attitude, personality, health, relationships, career and overall lifestyle thrive, but you’ll understand how to STOP dreaming of what you want, and START taking the correct steps to EXPERIENCE it.

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Freedom Coaching –

The Clarity Dialogue Intensive™ goes deep. It really is the Ultimate System for Personal Change and Personal Empowerment.

Become a force of nature by having the courage to go deep and look at the nature of your beliefs and how to change those beliefs that are holding you back.

No matter what the rationale, we all have a yearning for connection, communion and inner peace.

Often in life we like to keep our options open, never quite commitment fully, and this leaves us empty handed.

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There are many roads to the top of the mountain, many roads to clarity and many routes to peace of mind and love. However we must travel far enough on one of those paths to reach such a destination.

The Clarity Dialogue Intensives™ will enable you to reach your career, business and life destinations and enable you to dive deep to unroot any limiting thought patterns that are impeding, stopping and sabotaging you living the life you truly want to live.

A Freedom Coaching – Clarity Dialogue Intensive™ coach uses a deeper, more holistic approach to help you achieve this. They work with you on the powerful operating system beneath your consciousness.

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This is truly a pivotal point of power for you to take action of what you want in life and to dismantle any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back to this point.

Think of yourself as an iceberg floating on the water; there’s a small portion of you being shown to the world, and a significant portion hiding under water.

With a Clarity Dialogue Intensive™ Freedom coach by your side, you’ll learn to venture deep into the part of your iceberg that is below the waterline. When you are able to understand, work with, change and utilise this portion of your operating system, you are able to change your life.

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Transform the foundations of your everyday experience

If you knew a better life was within your grasp, would you take it?

“A coach is somebody who can see what is possible that I can’t see.” Chip Wilson - Lululemon Founder

Do you want to:

  • Create a quality life that many people would consider extraordinary?
  • Conquer any challenges that come your way, to make a difference in the world?
  • Experience fantastic, fulfilling relationships with all of the people in your life?
  • Lead a meaningful and inspiring life?
  • Inspire yourself and inspire others?
  • Stop allowing limitations to hold you back and stop sabotaging yourself to take effective actions - achieving your dreams, getting that dream job, starting a family, creating a prosperous business, whatever it may be.
  • Create an abundant future that you desire and deserve?
It’s time to stop compromising between who you are and who you want to be.

It’s time to stop compromising between who you are and who you want to be.

By experiencing coaching with an EEI certified Coach, you’ll experience growth and fulfilment across several spheres of life.

Personal Growth

Realistically assess your strengths and weaknesses – learn skills you want to enhance and change.

Implement the changes you want.

Loving Relationships

Understand the fundamental keys of having a meaningful, sustained, healthy and lasting relationship.

Become a loving, excited, supportive, caring, compassionate and passionate friend and lover – understand how to exhibit these qualities, and inspire others to also exhibit them.


The body achieves what the mind believes.

Learn to love yourself by implementing enriching lifestyle changes.

Giving and Receiving

Delve into a meaningful experience of yourself as a truly loveable person.

Understand how to clearly (and effectively) convey the love you seek from others, and receive open, honest expressions of love in return that you deserve.


Death is no easy topic to discuss, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Learn how to make peace with the idea of death, and navigate grief or fear about the loss of loved ones.

Personal Authenticity

Develop an inner source of courage and confidence, and become empowered to win at life; that means doing the things you really want to do, not having fear of judgement from others.


Success begins from the moment you decide to focus on yourself. Through coaching, you’ll start to believe you CAN do something.

Understand how to succeed in your existing career, or pursue a more satisfying alternative occupation. Generate fundamental people skills, and learn to collaborate with others with ease.


Clarify within yourself who you are, and who you want to be with.

Become confident (and comfortable) about your sexuality, and gain satisfaction from your sexual preference.


Break free from dated, dysfunctional parenting techniques, and learn to inspire young people.

Understand how to become immune to negative forms of manipulation and become stronger in encouraging the behaviours you value.


They say that ‘The more you learn, the more you earn.’

Key learnings will help you aspire to (and achieve) your financial goals.

By the end of your Freedom coaching, you’ll become more of the person you truly want to be, with the confidence and know-how to carry these with everyday enlightenment throughout every element and aspect of your life.

Not sure if you want to take the next step?

Are you thinking….
“My life is already fine. I don’t need this.”

Consider a scale of 1 – 10. 10 is absolutely impassioned, energised, empowered and living life with all your greatest dreams and goals being achieved – 100% peace of mind , no struggles, no concerns, no worries.

Where do you sit? How far away from 10 are you?

If you’re not hitting number 10 – nothing will change if you don’t take that next step towards complete fulfilment (number 10).

“What if it doesn’t work? What if I’m wasting my time?”

Consider this; Are you allowing your limitations or doubts to hold you back from achieving EXACTLY what you want to achieve? Are you inadvertently trying to find an excuse to NOT experience coaching?

When hiring a coach, they won’t transform you overnight. Over time, you’ll soon discover that, dotted throughout every day of your life, are the small changes you’ll learn to implement to create a BIG impact.

With each coaching session you participate in, you’ll experience regular changes within your own life – imagine the potential that lies ahead.


Not sure if coaching is for you? Still have some questions?
Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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Discover your destiny

It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.


Give yourself a wonderful discovery and learn the essential Laws of Nature and Universal Foundation Principles of life and living that will enable you to have a clear sense of direction in life at all levels. You can become one of a very select group of human beings who have everyday enlightenment and understand life and living and how to have and experience it all.

Your beliefs and values influence every decision you make.

Your decisions impact everything from your physical health and relationships, to your career, financial health, and beyond. Learn how to make well-informed decisions that’ll shape a prosperous future worth living.

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It’s ingrained in our DNA to use discomfort as a strategy to take care of ourselves. Your coach will help you unlearn this, and move forward to create new life affirming beliefs and values.

You will discover and realise that your heart is like a lake, with a calm, still surface and great depth of wisdom below where you will learn how to live a spirited life that thrives on laughter, joy, happiness and adventure.

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How does it work?



Solve a specific life, career, business problem or address a key challenge you are facing in your business, career or life with a one off or 3 Freedom Coaching session package.

Single session

  • Pre Coaching Clarity Questionnaire
  • 1x 60 minute Live Online Coaching Session
  • Post Session Reflection and Implementation Planner
Three sessions


  • Pre Coaching Clarity Questionnaire
  • 1x 60 minute Live Online Coaching Session
  • Post Session Reflection and Implementation Planner


  • 1x 60 minute Live Online Coaching Session
  • Post Session Reflection and Implementation Planner

WEEK Three

  • 1x 60 minute Live Online Coaching Session
  • Post Session Reflection and Implementation Planner



  • Realise Your Life Purpose
  • Harness your intuitive powers
  • Contact your highest potential
  • Access Unlimited motivation and unbounded creativity
  • Learn how to use your emotional energy instantly
  • Face your fears
  • Rid yourself of any addiction or addictive thoughts
  • Start your Life totally new
  • Discover Your Ultimate Vision
  • Experience the joy of the law of reversed effort

With Freedom Coaching you are slowing down to the natural speed of Stillness.

Freedom Coaching is an online program that allows you a weekly ‘escape getaway’ spending time on yourself and implementing new Clarity Concepts while you are living your life.

Get off the treadmill, take some time for yourself and your future with powerful Wisdom from the Lake.

Imagine you are looking at a lake where no fears or desires stir the surface. The water forms a perfect mirror. In this mirror you can see the reflection of your own stillness and the source of your intentions and creativity.

“The leader who knows how to be still and feel deeply will always be effective. But the leader who chats and boasts and tries to impress and has no centre carries little weight.”

When you are in touch with this single principle of stillness you will realise that is the source of all your creation.

Do you want to be a positive influence in the world? Ground yourself in this stillness and your behaviour will be wholesome and effective and your ripples of influence will be potent to create what you want.

When you have a Freedom Coaching session you will certainly experience life-changing Deeper Insights. Lessons and Wisdom from the Lake.

  • Stop confusing activity with accomplishment
  • Take some time out
  • Escape to the most beautiful resort in the world – your own mind.
  • Remove your Limiting Beliefs

The more time you give yourself in Freedom Coaching, the more issues, challenges, blockages and goals you can achieve.




  • Create new life affirming beliefs and values and design an internal, self-directed “guidance system” as a basis for both ongoing daily inspiration and future life choices.
  • Move through the Self Therapy and Self Energy Systems then progress onto the Life Purpose and Perfect health Systems, then the relationship and Higher Potential systems.

This methodology makes a logical scientific progression from the most basic understanding of our energy systems through to the most advanced in such a way that you will easily and simply progress in your assimilation and use of them to the greatest possible level of enjoyment your life can deliver.


Every day and every week you are involved in the program you will have exercises, activities and micro assignments to work on and progress.
Like a vine in the vineyard, the longer you are in the fertile environment, under the guidance of the caring farmer, the more you will change, grow and transform.

Weekly video training


Follow-up Questionnaire


Personalised Small Group
Online Coaching

via video call


Follow-up questionnaire
Focused on small group sessions

These programs have been strategically designed and developed to teach new knowledge, understanding that knowledge, and then experiencing the knowledge (the implementation of your learnings).



In the Deeper Lessons from the Lake we have three available options, where you are taught the Clarity Dialogue Methodology™ to use on yourself or with family and loved ones, your business or your Coaching or Consulting life.

The Clarity Dialogue Methodology™ is a ‘Full Circle – Deep Impact’ Coaching System that is the most comprehensive, in depth and powerful way to create lasting changes in your life which enables you to recreate yourself.

This will leave you free from self sabotage and replace that with a sense of certainty that creates deliberate, effective actions for a vibrant, abundant future.

With any of these three program options you automatically become a Member of the EEI Premium Member Masterclass+

“We must never cease from exploration and at the end of all our exploring we will arrive where we began and know that place for the first time.”
- 20th Century Major Poet T.S Eliott

Two months

60 days of Freedom Coaching

$8,250Easy Payment plan option: 2 Monthly payments of $4,537.50 per month.
  • 4 learning contacts per week
  • Video lessons
  • Worksheets
  • Enlightenment Exercises
  • 8x Personalised small group weekly online coaching sessions
  • Deep belief system work
  • Breakthrough Freedom Coaching
  • Alignment and Integration Session
  • Implementing Clarity Dialogue into your life and learning how to use this methodology to coach and lead others
  • 60 days in the Freedom Coaching - Living the Philosophy - Environment

Six months

180 days of Life Changing Freedom Coaching

$21,450Easy Payment plan option: 6 Monthly payments of $3,932.50 per month.
  • 4 learning contacts per week
  • Video lessons
  • Worksheets
  • Enlightenment Exercises
  • 12x Personalised small group weekly online coaching sessions
  • 7x Personalised small group fortnightly online coaching sessions
  • Deep belief system work
  • Breakthrough Freedom Coaching
  • Alignment and Integration Session
  • Implementing Clarity Dialogue into your life and learning how to use this methodology to coach and lead others
  • 180 days in the Freedom Coaching - Living the Philosophy - Environment
Your time to set your course for the life you have always wanted is now.
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What happens at the end of the program?

The Worksheet - Journal Your Progress

At the end of your comprehensive freedom coaching experience, you’ll have the tools and knowledge in place to experience something quite extraordinary – a life where limitations and restrictions are dissolved, and a new, fruitful beginning brimming with inspired thoughts and belief systems will help you create the reality (and future) you’ve always wanted.

The past usually shows up as normal life. We do not realise it is past beliefs driving this normal life. You’ll steer away from this, and move away from what’s previously ‘been caught’ in your understanding of normality, and begin to implement what you are ‘taught’ as your new future in line with what you want.

EEI will help you bring patterns of new behaviour into your life, as you decide what limiting behaviours you’ll leave behind.

When you go back to your normal world after Freedom coaching you will see everything has changed – from a different view, different feeling – a different world.

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If you thought this coaching might massively transform the quality of your life, what would you do? Would you take the first step now?

Would you adopt a sense of urgency and take action today? If so, here’s your chance to seize the moment.

If you believe there’s a chance this will truly improve your life, but aren’t quite willing to take action, what is holding you back? What’s deflecting you back into your comfort zone?

If we could guarantee you to have all that you want in your life now would you invest $20,000?

Imagine having the opportunity to buy a new high tech, comfortable lounge suite that would provide you with 100% peace of mind, inner contentment and absolute happiness and joy every time you sit on it and the investment for this life long asset lounge suite is only $20,000 for all those incredible instant benefits. Would you like to purchase one of these lounge suites?

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It would probably become one of your most prized assets.

Well the truth is that, these lounge suites are not available on the market (at this moment anyway) although there is one that exists within your own mind, your own thoughts that will provide the same feeling (100% peace of mind, inner contentment and absolute happiness and joy) and you are carrying around in your head every single day. Allow yourself to rest and enjoy life in the most beautiful resort in the world, your own mind.

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Your time is now.

Freedom Coaching - Decide which Option suits you best
Option One:
Lessons from the Lake
Option Two:
Deeper Lessons from the Lake