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Understanding Yourself And Other People; Your Personality Style - Playing To Your Strengths - Reading And Communicating So Others Understand You And You Get More Of What You Want

Program Description

Program Description

For you to succeed in your career and maximise your income as an executive, manager, team leader or team member, you need to be able to sell and articulate your ideas, communicate and collaborate with others, and successfully motivate yourself, and those around you to achieve business goals.

When you’re in a highly competitive field, talent and intelligence are prerequisites to success. To excel, it helps to know how to connect with others and develop strong relationships.

1987 marked a time when $50 a week was seen by many as a ‘great salary’. Within the same year, a then up-and-coming Charles Schwab was being paid over $1 million per year.

When questioned about his earnings, Schwab responded:

“I consider my ability to arouse enthusiasm among my people the greatest asset I possess, and the way to develop the best that is in a person is through appreciation and encouragement.”

Schwab would go on to become one of the greatest American Investors & Financial Executives of all time. He is one of the world’s richest people.

Schwab’s boss, legendary industrialist Andrew Carnegie, said; “The yearly salary was for the work Schwab performed, but the bonus was for what Schwab, with his pleasing personality, could get others to do.”

Schwab was famous for his ability to connect, relate and communicate with people at all levels of the organisation and society.

These are learnable skills. You can learn and master these skills too.

Throughout this program, you will go deep into the understanding of different personality types.

You will see why you get on with certain people and why certain others may be difficult for you to deal with.

By undertaking two different personality quizzes, you’ll receive briefings on the different tools available for understanding personality.

This is about helping you to learn, and understand how each type of personality plays an important role in a team and in a company.

Designed to double your effectiveness as a communicator and a leader, this program will also help you to learn how to communicate with each type of personality you encounter, to ensure people from all walks of life can understand you better.

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You will learn

You will learn

  • How to understand yourself and others
  • Discover your strengths and virtues so you achieve and win more often
  • Realise how and why you are different to other people
  • How to communicate and sell to different personality types
  • How to lead, manage and motivate yourself and other people
  • How to make the most of the different personality styles in your team and family
  • The different communication styles and buying criteria of the different personality
  • How to use Personality Type questionnaires in your business and personal life
  • How to appreciate people who are different to you

After completing this program, you will
  • Go from frustration to fascination when encountering people different to you
  • Understand why some people really annoy you and how to use that to your advantage
  • Go from missing out on sales and not being understood to closing more sales and being better understood by others
  • Have more certainty and confidence in any business or personal situation
  • Connect with more people, more often to influence, persuade, lead and manage with far more effectiveness
  • Have fun meeting new people
  • Go from feeling awkward in networking situations and when working with new people, to developing a pleasing personality and connecting with others to influence, lead and motivate those around you
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Who is this program for?
  • Those who are in sales, team leadership and management
  • Those who want to develop better people skills and communication skills
  • Those currently struggling with difficult people and difficult relationships at work or home
  • Those considering sales, team leadership or management
  • Anyone who has to deal with customers or other people face-to-face or over the phone
  • People who need to deal with people (anyone and everyone)
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Program Module Topics

Welcome and Program Overview
Understanding Your Own Personality Style
Introverts and Extroverts
What is an Ideas Person?
What is an Implementation Person?
Perfectionists and Non Perfectionists
How to Read Other People
How to Change Your Words to Get Understood
How Different Personalities Process Information
How to Craft Your Messages Before You Speak
How to Talk to Decision Makers
How to Deal with Power
Managing Your Own Personal Power and Personal Presence
Handling Being Challenged by People in Power
How to Use Questions to Influence Decision Making
Action Plans to Improve Your Communication Styles
Mapping Your Work Team
Adapting Your Style in the Moment
Reading the Play and Reading the Power in a Group or Boardroom Situation
How to Use Props and Visuals to Communicate More Effectively
How to Use Different Personality Styles to Solve Problems, Make Decisions and Get More Done in the Workplace with Less Stress and Tension
This program includes

This program includes

  • Comprehensive instructional video modules
  • Worksheet downloads
  • Deliberate practice implementation drills
  • Free Membership to the EEI Resources for 12 months
  • Audio Streaming: Setting up your Mind to Learn, Absorb and Profit
  • Learning to Profit Flashcards
  • Bring a Friend Bonus Gift
  • Bonus Hi-Tech Hi-Touch online 30 minute discovery session with a qualified EEI Coach
  • Introductory Certificate upon Completion

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