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Become an EEI Franchisee
What is an EEI Coaching Franchisee?
What is an EEI Coaching Franchisee?

Becoming an agent for change and growth doesn’t just happen overnight.

It begins by playing an important role within your community as a business leader, and mentor. That means opening new doors, unlocking fresh opportunities, and creating a ripple of good. When you become an EEI Franchisee, you’re diving into an emerging industry that answers the demand for effective personal and business coaching that delivers real, measurable results.

EEI Franchisees become certified across 15 different EEI Personal and Business Empowerment programs.

They then have the opportunity to run their own home or office based business by providing this extensive range of empowerment Certification programs 24/7 anywhere around the world.

This means they can generate a fantastic income, along with a flexible working lifestyle.

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Tap into an in-demand profession
Tap into an in-demand profession

Franchisees receive in-depth training and support in how to run a successful coaching/mentoring business.

Depending on a Franchisees level, you can be authorised to appoint Affiliate Coaches anywhere in the world.

Individuals can be certified as an EEI Franchisee to coach, mentor and train groups/companies on a one-on-one basis, but also in groups on a company, team and corporate basis.

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The booming industry
The booming industry

The demand for quality, professionalism amidst the booming coaching industry is ever-increasing.

Coaching as a profession has grown rapidly over the past decade, with more people looking for guidance to grow, change, thrive and create personal and business freedom for themselves and others.

Amidst the many changes across the globe, many people need trusted coaches and empowerers with access to proven coaching and transformation systems to help them move beyond their limitations to realise their full potential.

The timing (to become a Franchisee) couldn’t be better, with business and life coaching now a multibillion dollar industry. IBISWorld estimated the business coaching industry revenue increased to $15 billion in 2019.

When you become an EEI Franchisee, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to join this booming industry. The certifications you’ll gain equate to industry-recognised, credible qualifications that can give you a real upper-edge over your coaching competitors.

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Is an EEI Coaching Franchisee right for me?

Implementing positive change doesn’t stop at one person. As a Franchisee, you’ll learn to coach and empower others to live at their fullest potential.

This is about empowering and accelerating your world first, and then empowering and accelerating the world around you.

Whether you’re new to business or not, we encourage anyone (and everyone) from all walks of life to join us on the Everyday Empowerment Journey.

With the rising demand for effective personal and business coaching that delivers real, measurable results, there has never been a better time to invest in this innovative business model.

If you’re unsure and want to learn more, we’d love to hear from you.

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What Programs am I Licensed to Deliver as an EEI Franchisee?

As an EEI Franchisee, you have access to multiple income streams from a wide range of Certification programs including the 12 programs of the Business Growth Parthenon, and all 3 EEI Programs the EEI Affiliate Coaches are certified in.

Only Franchisees have the rights to market, teach, train and coach teams and individuals on all of the 12 Certification programs within the Business Growth Parthenon Model.

What Programs am I Licensed to Deliver as an EEI Franchisee?
The Psychology of Successful Living

In a unique combination of mind power, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and goal setting, become empowered within yourself, team and business to understand the science of empowering one’s inner world to transform their outer world.

Strategy Development and Implementation

This course looks at the strategic development of a plan, and the implementation of a plan that can return profits.

Organisational Culture

‘Culture will eat strategy for Lunch any day’. Diagnose, improve and shape your organisational culture to deliver huge performance and generate strong profits.

Marketing, Branding, Lead Generation

Increase leads, increase sales and increase margins with effective online and offline marketing systems to attract ideal, high paying clients.

Change Management

A structured, systematic, everyday approach to Change Management to ensure teams are all aligned, engaged and supportive of new directions.

Leadership Development

Are your Leadership team all on the same skill, understanding and implementation level? Discover how to have everyone on the same page, speaking the same language with the same expectations of how you want leaders leading people, change and growth in your organisation.

Innovation, Efficiency and Growth

This course equips ordinary employees with the mindset, skills and systems to be Everyday Empowered Intrapreneurs; working in the business as if it was their own business.

Client - Customer Experience (CX) and Retention

Once you win the client the real profits lie in the CX - client experience, engagement, retention, repeat business and referrals system you have in place. Learn how to Install the EEI Customer Experience and Retention System into your business.

The EEI 360 Degree Ethical Sales, Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation with Integrity System™

Our 360 Degree Consultative Selling System™ has made millions of dollars in extra sales for our clients. Don’t let it fall into the hands of your competition. Understand how to win and attract new prospects, and keep them.

4T Business Communication Systems: Telephones, Technology, TouchPoints and Tenacity

Empower your business with the latest scripts, tools, strategies, checklists and prospecting systems to prospect better, converse better, convert better and retain customers better.

Team Engagement, Empowerment and Performance

What makes an effective team? Learn to harness the strengths of your team, maintain motivation, run effective team meetings, and more.

Organisational Ecosystem Performance Diagnostics

Learn our proven EEI Organisational Eco System Performance Diagnostics Systems(tm) to accurately capture the culture, eco-system, perceptions, personality and operating styles, team dynamics and ideas for improvement.

You’ll also be certified in all 3 EEI Certification programs our EEI Affiliates are certified in.

You’ll then be able to coach, mentor, train groups, teams and companies in these Certification programs.

There’s no limit to who you can coach either – from individuals to health food stores, gyms, cafes, schools, supermarkets, offices, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Life - the 7 Essential Keys

This groundbreaking program has the 7 most important and powerful Personal Growth and Development tools you need to invest in your own personal, financial and business development and success.

The EEI 360 Degree Ethical Sales, Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation with Integrity System™

Be certified to coach clients who are both new to sales or are experienced at sales but want to take their sales, influence, persuasion and negotiation results to the next level.

The Ladder of Business Evolution

Learn how to stop selling time and start growing a successful business, growing a high performing team with the Business Accelerator Program.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

You won’t just be trained in the content itself, but also the coaching and mentoring methodology behind it – learning how to build a business and an income with this content and methodology.

You create your own schedule, and only need to take on the number of coaching clients that suits you.

You can build a full-time business or part-time, with the flexibility to adjust this as you go. Your freedom-based lifestyle means that your income is in your hands – each EEI Certified Franchisee Coach gets out what they put in.

Are you ready to take the first step towards your own coaching business?

As an EEI Franchisee, you’ll be able to take advantage of EEI branding and marketing.

With this, you will receive:

  • A strategically designed landing page
  • Client attraction training and guidance
  • Conversion support for your marketing programs

What can I expect when I become an EEI Certified Coach?

  • An opportunity to create a business that suits your lifestyle and what matters to you
  • A comprehensive training program without having to invent a brand
  • Instant access to over 40 years’ award-winning experience and expertise
  • A strategically designed landing page and marketing system, individually-customised to you and your business
  • Ongoing authority, credibility and professionalism by leveraging the prestigious EEI brand and reputation
  • A welcoming and supportive EEI Certified Coaching community
  • A fantastic income stream

All of the training is online inside a private, EEI Coaching member-only site. You access the training as you need it.

Inside you’ll find:

  • EEI proven proprietary methodologies; How to coach, how to grow a business, how to work from home, how to market and generate business, how to have client acquisition conversations
  • Official trademarked EEI logo for your branding
  • Marketing templates including brochures, banners & business cards
  • Supplier information (To source EEI coaching materials and tools)
  • EEI Certified Coaching Agreement and Certificate

As a coach, you’ll leverage proven coaching techniques, transformation systems and methods to help individuals and companies push beyond their limitations.

When you become a coach/mentor, you’re playing an important role in changing the lives of others – individuals who otherwise, without coaching, might never realise their full potential – throughout life, business, or throughout their career.

You’ll also secure yourself a future in a business that allows you to flexibly balance work and life.

Additional Benefits include:

  • Excellent profit margins with no bad debts and no stock to buy
  • Little or no fixed overheads and low operating costs
  • A proven, easy to operate business system with ongoing support
  • Significant upfront tax advantages plus ongoing fully deductible home office expenses
  • Ongoing revenue that provides an income stream even when you’re not working
  • The opportunity to multiply your current income several times over
  • Move from salary and wage earner to business owner
  • An affordable franchisee structure
  • A digital business you can work from anywhere in the world and market to anywhere in the world

What skills do I need to be a Coach/Mentor?

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Great people skills
  • Commitment to outstanding customer service
  • A positive attitude
  • A willingness to learn and adopt new, fresh ideas
  • A commitment to your own personal growth and development
  • Passionate about empowering others to succeed

You can deliver programs anywhere across the world, whether it’s in person, phone call, or via EEI digital client communication systems.

When you become a Franchisee with EEI, you’re giving yourself a fantastic opportunity to achieve a fantastic work-life balance. You can coach, work, and market to clients and prospects anywhere on the planet using a proven support and digital delivery system.

The EEI Franchise gives you and your clients the flexibility to have the programs delivered both online and in person; whether it be in a board room, training room or conference room.

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"There is a lot more confidence in the team - The results are speaking for themselves. We’ve had a record year last year - our sales were up 28%! Thanks to Leigh Farnell's program this year we are up 40% year to date. We are very happy with the transformation, and have turned from passive to far more tactical and strategic."

David Horlock. Managing Director. BSI - British Standards Institution. APAC.