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Today, you have 100% of your life left.
- Tom Landry

The Everyday Empowerment Institute (EEI) is an established learning institution dedicated to high impact, hi-tech - hi-touch, implementation based adult learning.

Founded in Western Australia by Principal Director and Chief Empowerment Coach Leigh Farnell and Lead Strategic Empowerment Director Garry Capelli, EEI’s world-class methods are driven by the implementation of knowledge in action, rather than only knowledge itself. Together, Garry and Leigh’s combined expertise spans over 80 years’ business coaching and consulting across 400 companies, in 40 different industries, and 15 different countries. Their results have seen companies across the globe generate over $200 million in additional sales and revenue.

Our mission is to give individuals and groups – no matter what stage of life, business or career they’re at – the tools, expertise and skills they need to become empowered – experiencing smarter business solutions, accomplishing industry-recognised, resume-boosting career advancement certifications, and encountering personal growth and development.

Our original mission to become a results-driven institution that helps individuals to grow a powerful, potent, empowering way of living has never waned. Since our inception, we’ve never lost sight of this original vision and purpose. That’s why we don’t subscribe to ‘traditional’ education methods, which involve ‘information dumping’ and ‘one-size-fits-all’ methods.

EEI’s transformational lifestyle and business design systems guide individuals and groups to discover the patterns, paradigms and perceptions that might be holding them back from living an ideal life.

Join our global movement, create your personal life, career and business empowerment plan, and start taking charge of your life today.

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Meet Leigh & Garry

Leigh Farnell

Co-Founder, Director and Chief Empowerment Coach

Over 40 years, I have developed tools for people and businesses to create breakthroughs in their lives, their careers and their businesses.

I have coached one person, ten-person, 100-person and 90,000 person organisations.

Whether it be working with a team of retail surf fashion salespeople, media advertising or timber salespeople or a team of executives from Telstra Australia, Blackburne Property of Wesbeam Australia, the goal is always the same; to empower, educate and enlighten so they discover new ways to create new life, career and performance breakthroughs.

Our Colour Zone Sales and Business Growth system was implemented over a two-year period across 13 countries to create massive year on year personal, career and business record growth for BSI (British Standards Institution).

We can do the same for you if you are ready for personal, career and business change and growth.

My number one passion is seeing my clients having ‘personal, career and business satori’s’ – to see and create brand new, brighter, more profitable and prosperous futures for themselves, their teams and their families.

Garry Capelli

Co-Founder and Lead Strategic Empowerment Director

Over my 45 years in business, I have been passionate about helping people discover their destiny to be their best self and live their best life to get the most out of life.

I have travelled many times to India, Hawaii, North America and Europe to study and experience the strategies and science of personal enlightenment, Satori and personal transformation in the areas of health, relationships, money, business, career, attitudes and lifestyle.

I believe in helping people live a life on purpose – to know the difference between ‘being alive, really alive’ and just living.

Through the Lake House Denmark and other businesses, I have developed expertise in strategic planning management and leading industry development and innovation for tourism in the region. As a big picture, strategic thinker, I understand that it is easier to build a future if you have a jigsaw top to work with. I have an eye for detail and a flair for branding, positioning, sales and marketing.

I want to bring these talents to business owners who are motivated to take their businesses and their lives to be extraordinary.


“Garry has one of the sharpest business minds that I have ever experienced. His capacity to envisage business opportunities & develop effective marketing strategies to realise them is without peer. If you have any connection with business, You need to talk to Garry.”

Award-Winning Speaker, Business Coach, Service Designer & Author
Graham Harvey CSP

“The culture, the teamwork, the communication in our team is 300% better… Our sales are up 100% over the past 90 days.”

Wesbeam State Manager
Danny Bright

“We’ve made an extra $1 million per year in sales! We are working smarter not harder, we are picking up an extra $20,000 per week ($1.04 million per year) which is great.”

Esplanade Hotel Fremantle by Rydges
Director of Sales Sarah Casey