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our mission
Our Mission

To Empower Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday to Improve Your Personal, Work and Business Worlds for the better -

One Person and One Business at a time.

What can we do for you?

Becoming the architect of your life doesn’t happen overnight.

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’ve come from, there’s something quite incredible that happens when you take control, and live your ideal life.

That ‘something incredible’ could mean developing a closer bond to your family, enriching your career potential, or inspiring your colleagues to go the extra mile; the options are endless.

If you believe your future should be better than your past, join an EEI Mentor Support System to empower yourself, your team mates, your work colleagues, your business and your community to lead the best lives possible.

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We all want the very best in life.

We want to discover our ‘spark,’ and carry that ‘spark’ into everything we do. That means discovering what gives us joy and fulfilment, and weaving that thread into the fabric of our everyday lives.

Our Mentoring Support Systems give people the tools to transform their lives, careers and businesses; regardless of where they may be on their own personal journey.

In life, we’re always learning.

We’re learning to understand our family and friends, navigating our way through the business sphere, discovering our passions and what drives us forward; finding our place within the world.

That’s why we’re all different. That’s why we’re all unique. That’s why many life-based online coaching and learning programs are (at best) started and not completed; they don’t work for ‘everyone.’

Our Mentoring Support Systems have been strategically designed to reflect the complex sciences behind human and business development. We understand everyone isn’t the same – and that’s why our results-driven approach works.

No one is you – this is the biggest power you have.

We’re here to help individuals leverage that power – one person at a time, one career at a time, one business at a time.

We don’t simply focus on the teaching of new knowledge with quality education. Our empowerment systems focus on the implementation of that knowledge so you create life, career and business transformations with brand new, high value experiences for you, your employers, your customers and clients.

Our Services and Products

Are you hungry for change and growth throughout your personal life, your career and your business? Do you find yourself searching for smarter, better, permanent solutions to change your world, while also learning more about yourself?

Do you find yourself looking for cost-effective, time-saving, and smarter solutions for your business, or are you searching for a personal life or career that is more fulfilling, healthier and more balanced? Does the prospect of crushing your competitors and having customers literally lining up to give you their business excite you?

It’s time to advance up the ladder of life, and rid yourself of any beliefs that can hinder career advancement.

Our expert-tailored range of proven life, career and business tools and systems are there to answer that call; to empower yourself, empower others, and transform your life - one day at a time.

Experience Personal Growth and Development
Experience Personal Growth
and Development

‘You don’t get the future you desire, you get the future you deserve.’

With effective learning comes empowered living.

Our complete end to end personal growth certification courses will help you look deeper at your own thinking patterns and belief systems that create your recurring patterns of life.

By taking part, you’ll be given the tools and know-how to live the life you’ve always dreamt of.

All our programs are eminently practical and are designed specifically to enable you to increase your personal effectiveness, productivity and ultimately, the maximum satisfaction you can squeeze from life.

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Advance Your Career - Become Certified in New Skills
Advance Your Career -
Become Certified in New Skills

If you’re struggling with career advancement, financial concerns, or lack of fulfilment or satisfaction, you may feel like you’re on the treadmill of life; destined to fall off at any moment, and running constantly towards no end goal.

With our Career Certification Advancement Courses, you’ll move up the ladder faster and discover how to uncover more meaning and joy in your life.

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Experience Growth with a Competitive Advantage for Your Business
Experience Growth
with a Competitive Advantage for Your Business

It doesn’t matter where you are (or who you are) on the business journey.

Frustrations and challenges can creep in amidst all the noise of a business, whether it’s a start-up, or small, medium or large business.

Empowering Employees and colleagues becomes one of the best ingredients any industry professional can invest in; whether or not you are in a leadership role.

Imagine the power and change you could create by helping yourself and others feel more fulfilled and productive each and every day.

Our Empowerment Programs are strategically designed to help you harvest that passion, purpose and energy, to give you the tools to adapt your thinking, steer ahead of the competition, and climb the ladder of business evolution and growth; increase your business’ performance, enhance sales conversions and drive unbelievable increases in cashflow and profits.

It’s time to improve your business performance by installing our proven, road tested, award winning systems and processes.

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If you want to own your own business and become part of this exciting and booming industry (part time or full time), and you have a passion for mentoring and coaching others to transform their lives, empower their careers and grow their business, join our team as a Certified Affiliate or Franchisee.

Draw upon over 40 years’ worth of invaluable experience with EEI’s comprehensive set of mentoring systems and resources and learn how to become a Certified EEI Implementation Coach™.


Our Empowerment programs have twice won LearnX Institute (a division of Training Australia Magazine) Best Training Program for Australasia.

‘‘Your clients voted for you; You’re the best; You got the results; You achieved what they wanted…. You’ve got innovative styles of doing things; You’re absolutely terrific.’
Rob Clarke, Editor of Training Australia magazine and LearnX Awards Chairman



See what others who have taken the powerful journey of discovery are saying.

“We are 40% up on last year and 176% of budget target thanks to the training, coaching and Sales Excellence Programs.”

David Horlock. Managing Director. BSI APAC.

“The culture, the teamwork, the communication in our team is 300% better… Our sales are up 100% over the past 90 days.”

Danny Bright. State Manager. Wesbeam. NSW.

“We Grew by 46% this year! We can now decode the success of our best-performing salespeople, and that’s tremendous; it’s a brilliant programs; a wonderful combination of theory and practice.”

Michael Lam. Country Manager. BSI. China.